Yearn to Connect


Today’s musings..

As Jack Kornfield has said: “We all share a longing to go beyond the confines of our own fear or anger or addiction to connect with something greater than “I” or “me,” and “mine,” greater than our small story and our own small self”. In this hurried age, we can easily become frightened of the inevitable losses and disappointments. We forget that life’s fleeting changes are just that…moments of the present that pass. Happily we don’t have to turn from our pains with denial. addictions and anger at those we love most (root of many relationship struggles). Somehow at Bahamatude I can become more focused on the present and acknowledge those difficulties I have been trying to run from. I often use Jack’s meditations to …”let your body, heart and mind be soft…let go of the battle…breath quietly and let yourself be at rest.”