Marriage Counseling Retreat

A therapist can aid a person in creating the changes they desire. The therapist must strive to understand the client’s world, perception of the problem and description of how their life will be better once they solve the problem and create a better life….it’s about helping them define their philosophy of life.  Often, a person must have an emotionally compelling reason to change.  It is often in a deeper part of the brain (where reasoning is not dominant) that the problem lives and the solutions reside.  Just think…if reasoning worked I would not eat that piece and second piece of cake late at night!!

A well-defined counseling goal often includes some form of liberating experience where less time is spent on the problem (breaking out of the problem “trance”) and more is spent living a great life.

Surfing as a form of exercise is a metaphor for therapeutic change.  We do a lot of that here at BAHAMATUDE.  It is hard but ultimately fun if one approaches it in this way.  Learning to surf is one way to eat that second piece of cake and still not see it on the hips!! In fact, it is so fun that it doesn’t even seem like exercise. 🙂